Are you the Red Rory type?

Red RorySR Actor and Presenter Roddy Walker is currently working on a worthwhile personal challenge…

Back in 1959 Roddy’s late father took part in a twelve day air race from London to Paris, organised by the Daily Mail.

Now the same age as his father at the time of the race, Roddy’s goal is to recreate the race and challenge his father’s extraordinary time of 57 minutes, 47 seconds.

With the help of his fathers SAS colleagues, Roddy plans to recreate everything, including using the same transport used back in 1959!  (For more information on the race, click here to watch a short video).

To help Roddy publicise this incredible project or to learn more about it, you can follow him @redrorytype or like his dedicated facebook page.

You can view Roddy’s model profile here.

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