It’s the Audition, Stupid!

BookAs an actor, the word ‘audition’ can have you breaking out in a cold sweat, and quaking in your boots if the casting director is fearsome enough!  However, you all know that the audition is the most vital part of what you do as an actor.

We recently got hold of a copy of Brendan McNamara’s book “It’s the Audition, stupid!: The actor’s essential guide to surviving the casting and getting the part”.

With his successful career as both an actor and casting director, he is able to give a special insight into the audition process, which he shares in this fresh and insightful book.

Developed from Brendan’s popular workshops for actors, this practical and up-to-date guide gives you all the inspiration and advice you need to give a great audition…and we HIGHLY recommend it!

For any budding actor or actress, and even for those of you have been in the biz for years, we found this book terrific and full of advice that will help you navigate your way successfully through the minefield of common mistakes that will often cost you that job!

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