What it’s REALLY like to have adult acne!


Model Megan teamed up with Skin clinics and celebrity make-up artist Liz Tagg to help her truly empathise with her younger sister who suffers from severe acne.

This powerful – and moving – short film was created to give people with unblemished skin an insight into the condition which millions of women and men suffer from worldwide.  “My sister has had a difficult time with her skin, and I want to put myself in her shoes” says Megan at the start of this video.

Megan’s face was covered with a layer of prosthetic acne, allowing her to experience the impact of her sister’s skin problems first-hand. Megan’s emotional reaction was then captured on film.  ‘It’s not about other people judging me, it’s more about how I feel about myself, my self-esteem,’ she says.  ‘I already feel less confident, and that’s what my sister has had to deal with for years.’

Acne is the most common skin complaint, with 80 per cent of 11 to 30 year olds suffering from it at some point in their lives; including celebrities!

The video, which was produced by Skin Clinics, is one of a series of three created to help people understand the emotional effect on sufferers of acne.

View Megan’s full profile here.

For bookings and enquiries please email info@sandrareynolds.co.uk

or call 0207 387 5858


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