Color me Grey

Colour me grey
Introducing SR actor Julian Kostov as “Nicolai”…
The Story
Sometimes you don’t find your moment. It finds you. When the city’s most notorious crime syndicate decides to go through a restructure within their organization, some of the biggest, and lowest, level players look to take advantage of this.
“Color me Grey” is a standalone short film featuring a great cast including our very own Julian.  Still in production, the film crew are hoping to raise awareness and funds for this fantastic project!
Our ambition for this project:
  • To create a standalone short film to be submitted to festivals and exist as it’s own story.
  • To leverage this short to then pitch the concept for a Series. We already have a bigger picture mapped out for these characters, and we appreciate your help in giving us the opportunity to bring the full story to life.

Hoping to raise £2,500 for full production they are asking for donations from as little as £5!

If you are interested in learning more about the project, following its progress and maybe even helping to fund it – you can learn more here.

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