Introducing Model Monday

jack rEvery Monday we will bring you an insight into the minds of our models!

We start this week with model and actor Jack

Is being a model easy?

Yes and no. It’s great meeting new people and working all over the world for fantastic clients and brands, however it also means you have to miss out on special occasions and its hard to plan ahead.

What else do you do other than modelling?

I am an owner and chef of a pop up kitchen. We aim to serve healthy, wholesome foods using key ingredients which is eggs! It’s called Laid London and we do events sporadically around east London.

My favourite type of modelling job is…

Campaigns are always fun, especially when they are on an exciting location!

Top tip?

Be yourself and don’t let the world of ‘modelling’ rule your life, and of course, have a laugh!

Tell us 5 things you couldn’t live without?

Peanut butter, swimming, Family Guy, great wine and Moroccan oil.

See Jack’s full profile here.

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