Model Monday

Charlotte AugustIt’s #MODELMONDAY and today we introduce you to the gorgeous Charlotte.

Charlotte has shot for numerous fashion brands and magazines and you may recently have seen her as the face of Laura Ashley.

Is being a model easy?
Not as easy as some may think. You have to be ready to work sometimes very long and challenging days, but with a permanent smile and a ‘can do’ attitude. It can be a demanding job, but if it’s your passion then all aspects can be enjoyed and the sense of achievement can spur you onto the next job!

What else do you do other than modelling?
I enjoy jogging, going to boot-camp sessions and love spending time with family and friends. I also attempt to bake and over the past five years have been involved in a renovation project bringing a 200 year old barn back to life!

My favourite type of modelling job is…
I think that the best kind of job is one where the whole team enjoy their involvement together  …and if that happens to be on location somewhere exciting and beautifully warm then that’s a bonus!

What’s you top tip?
Always be prepared! It’s also important that you don’t take yourself too seriously and try to enjoy the whole experience.

Tell us 5 things you couldn’t live without…
Music, sunshine, dry shampoo, wine and chocolate!

View Charlotte’s full profile here.

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