George Adams

I read….a lot. I listen to a ton of audiobooks. I’m going to highlight some of my favorite books for actors.  Spoiler Alert: some of these are not about acting. I’ll always provide a link to the content.

Acting in Film by Michael Caine is definitely a favorite of mine.  It doesn’t get very heavy into various methods and techniques, but it is extremely informative.  It’s also straightforward and easy to understand. He perfectly explains how to transition from stage work to screen work. There is a certain level of heightened on-set awareness that will come to you, after you read this.

Directors can strongly benefit from reading this, too.

Michael Caine – Acting in Film: An Actor’s Take on Movie Making (The Applause Acting Series) Revised Expanded Edition

Money and time can be big worries for people in our business. It can be hard to find a job that…

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