Model Monday…

Amy nevilleIntroducing model and dancer Amy who works regularly with big brands including Harvey Nichols, Next and Brakeburn.

How long have you been in the industry?

I have been in the industry since I was very young having joined my first agency, Sandra Reynolds at the age of 4.

What is your favourite job you’ve done with Sandra Reynolds?

One of my favourite jobs with the agency was a campaign I shot in Milan for a high-end hotel. I worked with a great team and that always makes a difference.

I would definitely say there is one particular part of my job that I love – working with different teams and meeting different people all the time. As a sociable, active and outgoing person, this job suits my personality perfectly. I believe if you are nice and easy to work with, clients will always do repeat business with you and I am lucky to say I have lots of regular clients. Harvey Nichols, Next, Brakeburn, B&Q, Austin Reed, Argos and Lucas Hugh are just a few of the companies I am fortunate to work with on a regular basis.

What is the weirdest thing about modelling?

I think a lot of people who are not in the industry find it hard to understand the business. They simply assume it’s very glamorous and you just have to stand there and look pretty; in fact there is a lot of preparation before and after shoots and it can take a while to get that perfect shot.

What is your best party trick?

I would say my best party trick is still being able to do back-flips. I was a gymnast from a young age and started tumbling (somersaults and back-flips) at the age of 6. I can still get down into the splits (just…haha!), but the older you get the less flexible you get, for sure. You have to work harder at it 🙂

To see Amy’s full profile view here.

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