Introducing Phil Grundy

phil montage crop.jpg

Our bookers are thrilled to introduce happy go lucky Phil onto the SR books this week. He’s had some hilarious moments throughout his 7 years in the industry including having to talk sexy down a phone at a casting, and dancing ‘strangely’ in a pair of boxers… “Most weeks have me laughing my head off at what I’ve just had to do in front of a room full of people”.

Although he’s first to admit he doesn’t take life to seriously and appreciates every opportunity that comes his way – even the cringe-worthy ones! His main aspirations in life naturally include being happy & healthy and travelling. “Success to me isn’t a number in my bank account, it’s to feel complete with myself and give everything I do, 100%!”

We’re sure Phil will bring warm smiles and a positive attitude to any booking! Want him in your next campaign? Just email our team or call 0207 3875858. #srmodels #sandrareynolds


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