Industry Feature October: London Fashion Week

A look at the latest instalment of Britain’s biggest fashion event.

As much as modelling relies on the talent and charisma of the individual we’re mindful here at Sandra Reynolds that our work is a collaborative medium, and we simply would not exist without the combined efforts and contributions of countless individuals all working toward the common goal of creating something beautiful and wonderful. With that in mind our new ‘Industry Feature’ section will – each month – take a look at the most significant actions and events shaping the worlds of modelling, fashion and photography with the intention of championing all that is great about the world in which we work.

For our first edition, it would be remiss of us to focus on anything other than London Fashion Week, Britain’s premiere fashion event which ran from 21st – 24th September and has been an industry leader since its inception in the early 1980s. This season’s show was characteristically impressive, featuring a scene-stealing Topshop show, the return of the legendary Armani to the city after an absence of over 10 years, and of course that show-stopping closer from Tommy Hilfiger which brought the curtain down with a sell-out range, accompanied by a surprise appearance from The Chainsmokers and of course a turn from model of the moment Gigi Hadid.

Diversity and sustainability were big talking points for the September show, seeing the British Fashion Council, Dame Vivienne Westwood & the Mayor of London campaigning fashion brands across the country to join BFC’s ‘Positive Fashion’ initiative which hopes to see the industry switch to a green energy supplier within the next 3 years. The good vibes continued as Kelly Knox, celebrated model and disability campaigner made her return to the catwalk and Alex Bruni & Blondie’s Debbie Harry led the charge for older models in a show which – despite bending slightly more towards a younger market than usual – ensured there was something for everyone on display. Of course, ‘something for everyone’ is a maxim always taken to extremes at LFW but these efforts from Hussein Chalayan & the Swedish School of Textiles are definitely among the front-runners for oddest collections of the week.

All in all, it was another fabulous week which aside from once again showing off the best of the best in fashion and modelling, has shown us that finally drizzly weather and fluffy slippers are officially sexy, roll on winter!….

P.S. Marie Claire chose this month to remind us all not to take ourselves too seriously, even when you’re on the catwalk.

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