Industry Feature December | Victoria’s Secret Continue to Shun Plus-Size Models

Victoria's Secret Show

This week saw the taping of the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show 2017 and while there were some firsts, both in terms of diversity and the show marking it’s swan song appearance in Asia, it was largely business as usual… if not slightly more chaotic than normal.

This year’s show saw a bevy of controversies before, during and after but the one that seems to be resonating most with people is the ongoing debate about just when the biggest name in lingerie will open it’s doors to plus-size models. In an industry that seems to making strides forward by including a more diverse range of body types in their shows, adverts and products the VS Show – and it’s models –  looks essentially the same as it does every year. And this time everyone has noticed…

Before the show even airs in the Western Hemisphere the internet is becoming crowded with industry figures calling time on what has to be seen as a backwards looking worldview in a world that is quickly changing. Plus-size icons Tabria Majors and Ashley Graham have already come out to condemn the show, mobilising their substantial online followings in an effort to deliver the message that VS is lagging a long way behind competitors like Addition Elle, True &Co, Third Love, Fortnight, Cacique, Soma, Aerie, Vogue, the list goes on and on.

In a diversifying industry landscape increasingly made up of #AerieReal, Plus-Size only modelling agencies and Ashley Graham on the cover of Sports Illustrated, nobody is demanding that Victoria’s Secret abandon their army of impossibly toned size 2 Angels, but suggesting instead that perhaps it’s time to open up that catwalk to models of more realistic shapes and sizes as well. 2017 could have – and probably should have – been the year that a curvy girl donned those famous wings, here’s to hoping that 2018 won’t be another missed opportunity.

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