New Faces | December 2017

Fiona Grindlay – Actor

“I got scouted in Glasgow when I was a teenager walking to Uni, at first I thought it was a joke but 17 years on I’m still working!”

Joined SR because… When I went in to meet the team I knew it was the right agency for me. The people are lovely and professional, they were so interested in what I wanted for my career, not to mention their incredible client list. I’m very excited to get started!
What are your top tips for preparing for a casting?
It goes without saying get a good night’s sleep beforehand but what I find more useful is laying out your outfit the night before and making sure everything is clean and ironed so you don’t get stressed in the morning. Oh, and get there at least 15 minutes early!
What is the most challenging shoot you’ve ever done?
I was doing a TV advert over 5 days up in the Orkney & Shetland Islands and it was freezing.  We had to pretend it was summer and were in shorts and t-shirts trying to look warm.  The days were 12 hours long.  It was hard work but incredibly fun with a great crew.
If you were stuck on a desert island, which 3 people would you want with you?
Tough one, for sure my husband.  Does my dog Charlie count as a person? If so him and I think I would also take Meryl Streep so I could get daily masterclasses from her!

Carmelito – Real

“I love to keep fit and in good shape but I also love my food…”

Joined SR because… Sandra Reynolds suggest me for all the right jobs and know what I am suited for, they’re great with communication and always there with friendly advice.

When I’m not modelling I like to… Shoes are my passion and my main drive, I work with Bespoke Shoes from designing to handcrafting (follow my Instagram to see more). I also love to keep fit and in good shape but I also love my food so I try to keep consistent.

I would describe my style as… You’ll probably catch me in sneakers… I’m guilty for dressing for comfort. I’m definitely more casual but I also love great quality.

Name 5 things you couldn’t live without…

  • Music
  • Phone/tablet
  • Pull up bar
  • Ukulele (not many people know I can play the ukulele)
  • Nutri-bullet

Emma Louise – Model

“I’m in it for the long haul!”

Joined SR because… I like how established Sandra Reynolds are, it’s definitely what attracted me. They have a great reputation and represent a wide range of looks, ages and skills. Hopefully I will be able to grow with the agency as I get more mature, I’m in it for the long haul!

What would be your dream modelling job?
A glamorous perfume advert, stunning location and a beautiful man would be dreamy!
What do you like best about your image?
I like that I have a classic timeless face. It transfers well into vintage looks. I’m a fan of my big smile too!
What’s your party trick?
I can lick my elbow! (which is meant to be impossible) A school teacher said he would give £20 to anyone who could do it… sadly I never received the money but found a great party trick!
The most rewarding thing about modelling is…
I love all the interesting people you get to meet. No two weeks are ever the same. I’ve seen some amazing places and I feel very thankful when the trekking to castings and recalls in the rain pays off!

Colette – Model

“I always give it 200%”

Joined SR because… Every single person at Sandra Reynolds are fantastic to deal with, they really care and try their best to get the right work for everyone.

When are you at your happiest? When I am with my family & friends, in nature, laughing, having a lovely time together – all the little things make me the happiest.

What makes you stand out at castings? Good advice from my father has always helped me: “Just be yourself”. I try to always be friendly, energetic, passionate, professional and on time, fortunately I am outgoing and smiley naturally so that helps. I always give it 200% no matter how big or small the job is.

Highlight from your career so far? I always love it when I can travel and experience different cultures and places… a recent favourite was a big commercial in Spain. Editorials are always fun to shoot, clients that I’ve loved working for include; Elle, Brides, Women’s Health & Fitness, Cornetto, Sony, Eyelure, Zaeem Jamal and Swarovski to name a few.

What advice would you give to aspiring models? Always be yourself and be true to your values. I think modelling is a wonderful career but I would always suggest having a back-up plan, as it is a very competitive market.

Aitor Manuel – Model

We’re very excited to have Aitor joining us at Sandra Reynolds, he’s a model, an actor and a sports & fitness fanatic, can’t wait for you all to meet him.

For bookings and enquiries please email 

or call 0207 387 5858

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