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What is an influencer


An influencer is an individual who has built a significant online following through expertise in a certain field and can affect the habits of those followers, having worked to become a trusted and valuable source of information and entertainment.

Essentially influencers combine three core skills:

Popularity: important because it allows an influencer to deliver content to a large audience; whether that’s via social media, blogging or performing etc. is irrelevant, the idea is that their reach adds emphasis to their opinions.

Credibility: the trust given by the audience based on the influencer’s knowledge on their chosen topic. For example a footballer will have high credibility when recommending football boots but not so much in garden tools.

Charisma: the presence and style that gives the influencer the ability to understand and embrace a particular point of view. Certain people seem to have the enviable power to convince others of their argument. They have the ability to explain effectively, are clear with their messages and deliver their views with confidence.

Social Influencers are now at the forefront of brand marketing and advertising, in the last 2 years “influencer marketing” as a search term on Google Trends has risen by 400% as companies wake up to the idea that aligning a brand with talented content creators can transform how it is perceived online, by utilising genuine, trusted posts from influencers who’re perfectly suited to the brand’s target demographics.

What do they do?

The content influencers share and the ways in which they interact with followers varies hugely; an influencer can be anything from an A-list celebrity to a sports star to a fashion blogger. However the vast majority who find themselves of genuine value to brands are those identified as ‘micro-influencers’. These are people who may not wield a gigantic following (comparatively speaking, let’s say anyone with 200,000 followers and under) but hold sway over a specific niche in which their audience trusts and values them implicitly. Often having passion and expertise is valued more than large numbers alone.

The value a company places on an influencer directly relates to that individual’s perceived ability to connect with and affect the thoughts and opinions of a brand’s target audience. This means that selecting the right influencer for your campaign is essential, analysing their look, style and voice to ensure it matches up exactly with your identity is a crucial stage in identifying the perfect influencer for the perfect project.

Influencer relationships should be transparent and real. Influencers talk about products not because they are paid to do so, but because they want to. They may be the person responsible for determining the impact of contracts, supporting upcoming releases, or part of a pool that increases awareness and anticipates market changes before they happen. If used correctly an influencer can be much more than a sales tool, they can be a vital connection to an audience, a conduit for thoughts and ideas, and a trusted ambassador for your brand or product.

How Can We Help?

The Sandra Reynolds Influencer page is full of interesting, engaging and passionate influencers who all have significant online followings (anywhere from tens to hundreds of thousands) and are genuinely excited about the content they post and the brands they work with. Each influencer is carefully categorised to make it as easy as possible to match the best voice to a campaign, and behind the scenes our dedicated team of bookers are knowledgeable about each of our influencers and are always willing to help find the right fit for any brief.

Take a look at all of our Influencers here.


For more on influencer marketing and the importance of individuality read our interview with bloggers Monica Wong & Olivia Cox here.

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