Celebrating Norfolk Day

The 27th July 2018 is the first ever #NorfolkDay, and we thought that would be a great excuse to explore our Norfolk roots!

Despite becoming more and more London-centric as a business over the last couple of decades, we still retain a head office in Norwich at our beloved Bacon House, the building we’ve called home since 1975 and the oldest occupied commercial office in the entire city. Built on a site that has been actively used since the 11th century the house was built by merchant and two time Mayor of Norwich Henry Bacon in the 1500s and has stood the test of time, housing Norwich businesses for almost 500 years!

In the 43 years we’ve been here we feel that we’ve been able to contribute to the history and culture of the county in our own small way, and we’ve had more than our fair share of famous faces who are from Norfolk on our books during this time….

Hollywood Actor Jason Statham

International Beauty Model Ellen Burton

International Fashion Model Sarah Thomas

ITV Weather Presenter Becky Mantin

Olympic Medal Winning Boxer Anthony Ogogo

Celebrity Makeup Artists  Sam & Nic Chapman

as well as many many more!

We also joined dozens of other Norfolk businesses in creating a small 15 second video celebrating our local roots this week, which you can watch below or if you’d like to join in with more of the festivities just search #NorfolkDay on Twitter, Instagram or Facebook. Happy Norfolk Day everyone! Here’s to another 43 years…

Norfolk Day 15 Second Video –

For bookings and enquiries please email info@sandrareynolds.co.uk 

or call 0207 387 5858

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