Over 200 Social Media Influencers warned by ASA

The Advertising Standards Authority has disclosed that it has issued between 200-300 warnings against social media influencers for breaking paid partnership rules in the past year.

What is Instagram’s paid partnership programme?

Introduced in November 2017, Instagram’s paid partnership tag pushed celebrities and influencers to be more transparent about their relationship with the brands they are advertising.

A large proportion of influencers and celebrities followed the new rules willingly, however 200-300 are still choosing not to disclose working with brands.

The ASA claims that these figures are an estimate based on work it has undertaken in the past 12 months to make influencers aware of UK rules around social media advertising.

Enforce paid-for advertising disclosures

A poll of 2,000 people in the UK last year found that nearly three-quarters think the ASA should do more to enforce paid-for disclosures, while 56% said brands and influencers should be punished for not disclosing commercial relationships.

This echoed â€˜Influencer Marketing 2020’, which highlighted that if influencer marketing is going to survive the coming years, it must adapt to the needs of consumers who are demanding higher levels of transparency.

India Harl and Ramzan Miah fashion, lifestyle and fitness influencers

Our work with influencers

We work with influencers who have social followings anywhere between 5k to 500k. The most important factor for us is not their numbers, rather their authenticity, transparency & engagement.

The Sandra Reynolds Influencer page is full of interesting, engaging and passionate influencers who are genuinely excited about the content they post and the brands they work with.

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